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Explore Our Projects

Serve a Village is currently working on four projects; we have one domestic project and three international projects.  Where possible, we associate the international projects with our humanitarian service expeditions.

Domestic Project:  
The Northern Virginia Diaper Bank

The Northern Virginia Diaper Bank is sponsored by Serve a Village.  We provide a reliable source of diapers and diaper wipes to nonprofit agencies serving families in need in our community.

International Projects:

1.  The Kigima Resource Centre

The Kigima Resource Center is a library created by Serve a Village in Maragoli, Kenya.  It is the only free public library in the area.  We are looking for volunteers to help fundraise, conduct book drives, and give technical expertise and training to our library management committee to help them become self sufficient.  View a video about the Kigima Resouce Center by clicking here.
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2.  Rhembe Community Health Volunteers Services in Virhembe, Kenya

We are raising funds to provide jigger treatment for children in the community.  We are looking for groups willing to collect and assemble first aid kits to send to this clinic.

3.  Mt. Zion Academy in Ggolo, Uganda
We are raising funds to support a primary school in one of the poorest communities in Uganda.  There are 150 children who attend this school.  They pay $12 per quarter in tuition and many are unable to even pay this amount.  Watch a video of Ggolo, Uganda.  Donate to this project.

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