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Diaper Bank

We invite you to help stock up the Serve a Village Diaper Bank by selecting a package of diapers from our Amazon Wish List.  Our greatest need is for size 6 diapers and pull-ups.  If you'd prefer to make a cash donation instead, please click here to donate via paypal today.  

Thanks to your donations, since December 2013, we have already PROVIDED 40,804 diapers to our recipient partners in Fairfax County, thereby ASSISTING 1,276 babies in need.

WHY is there a NEED for a diaper bank??

Every baby needs to be kept clean and dry. 
However, a 2010 study found that 1 in 3 families struggle with providing diapers for their children.

Families with children in need often rely on Federal assistance programs.
However, these programs cannot be spent on diapers and diaper wipes.

It is often difficult for food banks and other social service organizations to be able to provide enough diapers to serve needs in the community.


The Serve a Village Diaper Bank, provides a reliable source of diapers and diaper wipes to babies in need living in Fairfax County, Virginia and Loudon County, Virginia through:

  • GATHERING diapers and wipes in organized diaper drives.

  • COLLECTING diapers from designated community drop off locations.
  • PURCHASING diapers at steeply discounted costs with monetary donations.  
  • STORING diapers in warehouse space. 
  • GIVING donations to nonprofit social service organizations already assisting families in need.

Additionally, in November 2012,  together we PROVIDED over 10,000 diapers to victims of Hurricane Sandy in partnership with The Oakton, Virginia Stake of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Donations to the Serve a Village Diaper Bank

We accept online donations via PayPal.  Please click here to donate online to the Serve a Village Diaper Bank Project.
Our financial statement is available upon written request from the Office of Charitable and Regulatory Programs.  P.O. Box 1163, Richmond, Virginia 23218