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Current Project - Knitting for Africa

This popular project has two major facets; we knit blankets to send to Stanford, South Africa and we support the Rotary Club of Stanford, South Africa's WoolWorx program.  We invite you to join this popular project!

  We are knitting blankets for impoverished children in Stanford, South Africa which are taken to Stanford by our
humanitarian service expedition volunteers and distributed to children in orphanages and preschools.  

Do you like to knit?  If so, please join our project!  Squares should be delivered or mailed to Juliette Ryland.  Juliette is assembling the squares into blankets.  Thank you Juliette!

Using Red heart super saver yarn. Medium 4.
#10 USA knitting needles.
1. cast on 32 stitches
2. knit all rows
3. knit til the square measures 8 "by 8".
4. Cast off and leave aprox 40" of yarn attached to the square. As this is used to join the squares together.

Please deliver the squares to:

Mrs. Juliette Ryland
11521 Seneca Woods Court
Great Falls, VA 22066

2.  We also support the WoolWorx project of the Rotary Club of Stanford, South Africa.  This wonderful project teaches impoverished women of Die Kop to knit and crochet.  With these skills they are able to make winter garments for their own families and to sell in the community and other outlets.  

Learn more about the beginnings of the WoolWorx project

Serve a Village is collecting donated skeins of yarn for this program which will be taken to Stanford by the volunteers participating in our humanitarian service expedition.  We accept any type/color of yarn.  We also accept knitting needles and crochet hooks.  Donated yarn, knitting needles, and crochet hooks should be sent to:

Serve a Village
11732 Thomas Ave
Great Falls, VA 22066

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowable under IRS regulations.

We invite knitters and crafters everywhere to help!