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Current Project - Kigima Resource Center - A Community Library in Kenya

Serve a Village and the local residents of Maragoli, Kenya have created a children's library! This community library, the Kigima Resource Centre, now serves children and young people in the Gisambai District of Vihiga, Kenya.  It's mission is to create a functionally literate and informed society through reading and listening, thereby developing self-reliance and creating harmony among the community.  

We welcome applications for volunteers who would like to go to Kenya and help.  If you would like to help with the Kigima Resource Center, please contact us to get involved.

Watch a Video of the Kigima Resource Center by Clicking on the Picture Below:

Watch a video about the Kigima Resource Center

This neighborhood has 9+ elementary schools, 3+ high schools and 1 technical school all within a 30 minute walk of the library.  The Kigima Resource Centre serves several hundred children and youth. There are (as far as we know) no other free public libraries in the county.  Most schools have no books besides those that are assigned to pupils for their class subjects and even those textbooks are often out of reach. 

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In April 2012 Serve a Village volunteers Jacob and Julia Mudrick flew to Kenya to embark on a three month service expedition. Together they laid the foundation for the Kigima Resource Center. They organized a library oversight committee comprised of local community leaders. They found, rented, and repaired the library site and installed the necessary shelving.  They worked hard to provide training for the librarians.  You can read about their adventures on their blog at Our goal was to create a model for a library that could eventually be replicated across Western Kenya.

The Kigima Resource Center is on the border of two heavily populated districts, but is located in a quiet village area, not far from a main road. This library provides not only valuable educational resources but a peaceful place for children and young adults to study and grow.  The library currently serves between 40-50 children each day.  In addition, teachers from the local schools use the library as a resource for the classroom instruction.

We have stocked the library with both books collected in the U.S. and with books purchased in Kenya.  We have created a responsible library oversight committee comprised of local community leaders to oversee the library operations.  We continue to pay the library's monthly rent and librarian salary.

We continue to increase the size of the library's collection and work with the library committee and local schools to improve the librarian training program.  Our goal is to help the library reach self sufficiency.

The library is surrounded by a large yard, perfect for growing vegetables and fruit trees and we would like to assist the library committee as they establish productive gardens, the profits of which will go directly towards the library expenses.   

We collect children's books during organized book drives.   We also collect cash donations to help us ship the books, as well as cover the library rental fees and the librarian's salary.   We work with the LIONS club to collect and send reading eyeglasses to the people who would like to use the library, but are unable to see well enough to read.

Hear from a recipient of this wonderful eyeglass program