You are hereCurrent Project - Supporting Rhembe Community Health Volunteers Services in Virhembe, Kenya (Vihiga)

Current Project - Supporting Rhembe Community Health Volunteers Services in Virhembe, Kenya (Vihiga)

In July, 2012 Serve a Village Board Chairman, Chris Troger, traveled to Vihiga Kenya. As a nurse, Chris was impressed with the Rhembe Community Heath Volunteers Services Clinic that she visited. She came back from the trip determined that Serve a Village would help this local free health clinic. 

If you are would like to help with this project, please contact us to get involved!

The clinic treats malaria, upper respiratory infections, jiggers, burns, hematuria, and chicken pox. They have an observation room, complete with the needed supplies to give IV's, dress wounds, and administer injections. The clinic has room for a lab, but no lab equipment. They are in great need of a microscope and blood testing equipment. The clinic would like to expand into obstetrics, yet lack the necessary equipment and training. We hope that over the next few years we can help the clinic address several of these issues.

To start, Serve a Village identified two immediate needs that would directly impact the local community in a significant way:
1.  Jigger Treatment

We are assisting the clinic in it's fight to erradicate a terrible foot disease known as jiggers. A jigger, scientific name Tunga penetrans, is a tiny sand flea that lives in the ground.  However, when a person walks on the ground without wearing shoes, the impregnated female Tunga can embed itself under the toenails and feed on the skin of the feet.  It can spread to other parts of the body.  Jigger infections are disfiguring, cause severe pain, and are a huge problem in rural Vihiga.

Serve a Village has sent the clinic funds to purchase potassium permanganate to treat Jiggers.  We are also reaching out to other nonprofits who specialize in the collection and distribution of shoes to impoverished communities to see if they would be willing to donate and ship shoes to the clinic.  Unless a child has a sturdy pair of shoes, he or she will inevitably be re-exposed to Jiggers. 

2.  Portable Emergency First Aid Kits

We are collecting donations to create and ship portable emergency first aid kits to the clinic. Burns are a very common problem in the community because women cook over open fires in their homes.  Portable first aid supplies are critical for immediate treatment.