You are hereCurrent Project - Improving the Retsweletse Day Care in Magareng, South Africa

Current Project - Improving the Retsweletse Day Care in Magareng, South Africa

The Retsweletse Day Care Center is a preschool for severely impoverished children located in Magareng, South Africa.   The structure used for this preschool is an old deserted railroad warehouse.

When Serve a Village volunteers initially visited the preschool, they saw that many of the walls no longer existed and almost all of the windows were broken.  There were serious cracks in the walls and ceilings and the toilets were, and continue to be, unusable.

The labor department threatened to close the preschool down, leaving the children, many of whom are HIV/AIDS orphans, nowhere to go during the day.

Serve a Village funded and installed more than 100 new window panes, repaired a portion of the roof that was threatening to collapse, and sealed wall cracks.  This made the structure safer and warmer for the children during the chilly winter months and prevented the immediate shutdown of the school.  Serve a Village representatives also delivered toys, balls, clothing and bags to the children.  We also installed playground equipment - something that the children had never had before.

However, these fixes are not sufficient for the long term and, if the Retsweletse Day Care Center is going to be able to care for children in the future, then a new facility must be built.  Serve a Village has both the land for a new building, and the building plans. We need donations to help with the building costs.

If you are willing to help us build a new preschool for these children, please contact us to get involved.