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Chris Troger, Chairman of the Board

Born in the Middle East, Chris has also lived in South Africa and all across the United States. She has a nursing degree and, having retired from a medical position with United Airlines, she currently works on-call for Kaiser Permanente, which allows her to indulge her passions for traveling and serving. Chris is working hard to fulfill her goal of seeing every nook and cranny of our wonderful earth. Her nursing knowledge gives Chris the opportunity to help people wherever she goes. During her ten years in South Africa, she worked in the medical profession and ran a Boys Town home for boys from troubled families. In the United States she partnered with an Asian cultural exchange program, hosting foreign businessmen in her home. She has also volunteered many hours organizing youth camps and conferences.

Darla Marburger, Secretary

Darla Marburger gets her love of service from her parents who, as lifelong community volunteers and parents to 22 children, are the ultimate example of charity and selflessness.  Darla began volunteering at age 12, announcing baseball games and keeping books for her community little league in Rockne, Texas.  She served as a student senator, sunday school etcher, community fundraiser, grant reviewer, volunteer coordinator, humanitarian expeditioner, and organizer of community service events.  Darla knows first hand the power of volunteering has in lifting a community as well as the one who serves.  She loves being a part of Serve a Village because it enables individuals to learn about other cultures while benefiting communities in need, and it is 100 percent volunteer-run.  Darla has traveled to every state in the U.S. and to over 20 countries.  She has a Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Texas A&M University and enjoys a successful career in education policy and data management consulting.

Christi Romney, Director of Operations

One of Christi's fondest memories is playing barefoot soccer with the village children in Magareng, South Africa when she was 14 years old. It literally changed her life. She went on to study International Relations with a focus on African Studies and then pursued her passion for health and medicine by acquiring a Masters in Public Health and becoming a Registered Nurse. She has worked on hygiene, sanitation, HIV/AIDS, Buruli ulcer and child health projects in South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, Peru and India. She and her husband are passionate about health, education and equal rights, and plan to spend their lives making sure our brothers and sisters around the world can enjoy these

Alisa Cozzens

Alisa moved to Africa during her early teen years and developed a love of the land and people. She worked in public relations for the South African Northern Cape Publicity and Tourism Bureau, where she gained an intimate knowledge of the area. With a degree in communications, she continued her career in marketing, public relations and journalism in New York City, San Francisco and Washington D.C.  Alisa has traveled extensively throughout the world, and has volunteered considerable time to teaching youth and organizing educational camps and conferences for them.

Key Volunteers

Debbie Wei – Northern Virginia Diaper Bank

Angie Brownie - Graphic and Web Designer