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About Serve a Village


The mission of Serve a Village is to support sustainable projects that help to improve the health, education, welfare and environment of needy communities throughout the world.

This is accomplished by:

  • educating and empowering citizens of needy communities with the knowledge and skills they need to become successful supporters of these projects.
  • facilitating a greater understanding of the unique values of the developing communities and of the interconnection between all communities worldwide, through volunteer humanitarian service expeditions that promote cross-cultural exchange.
  • working with federal, state and local government entities, with charitable, non-profit and for-profit organizations and corporations, with educational institutions, and with private citizens to further our mission.

Serve a Village is a 100% Volunteer Organization with current 501(c)(3) status. 


Serve a Village was founded in 2006 in memory of Kathryn Hunt. Kathryn lived in South Africa for over 30 years, where her husband ran a stud cattle ranch. Kathryn's heart went out to the local impoverished villagers and she dedicated much of her time to improving their quality of life.  

The poor people in this village lived in little more than tin shacks and the condition of these homes deeply bothered Kathryn.  Her compassion led her to address this problem by creating and managing a home building project.  Because of her efforts all of the villagers now have modern homes complete with electricity and running water. 

Kathryn continued to serve her community.  She built and supported two schools for the local children and ensured that proper medical care was available to all of the villagers.  

As a mother, Kathryn encouraged all of her children to travel and serve others, both throughout the world and in their own local communities.  Although not officially organized under the Serve a Village title, the founders of Serve a Village have implemented humanitarian projects continually over the last 20 years.   We obtained 501(c)(3) nonprofit status in 2010.

Today, Serve a Village continues to work in South Africa, but we have also expanded our activities extensively.  We seek to both help both the poor and needy in our own community, as well as in communities around the world.  We invite you to participate in our projects and join our service expeditions!


"Next in importance to freedom and justice is popular education, without which neither freedom nor justice can be permanently maintained."
- James A. Garfield


“Only the educated are free.”
- Epictetus


"We believe health lies at the heart of our collective sturggle to achieve a fairer, more humane world. Health is not only a blessing to be wished for but a human right to be fought for."
- Paul Hunt, United Nations